Friday, January 11, 2013

Selling a house

Let look back at the biggest event this year in 2013 for me.

Moving house has long been said to be a stressful time. Having moved as a family once before, didn't see this as any different to last time. 

But how wrong can you be.

Financial market- a key fact when selling a house, as less people have been able to get mortgages so less houses were being sold.

Housing market- lots of houses for sale but not many buyers. Estate agents wanting reductions of at least £10,000 each review of why a house hasn't sold. 

Location- whilst being on the right side of town, the fact you live in an area of development made the area near impossible to see the finished look to the area. When you have 3000 houses being built in a 18 year period it certainly is a challenge. 

Expectations for next house- we needed a different angle for the next house. For a long time I had joked about my husbands  business needing its own space, away from the children. The boys wanted more outdoor space. A chance to find somewhere to not outgrow and to all  breath and not be in a small space like a ticking time bomb. Also for me to be able to have a space to dabble in hobbies like photography or using the sewing machine and even doing more gardening. How would we ever find a new home?

Moving house became a full time job. Packing and decluttering the house, sending stuff to charity shops, keeping the house tidy and clean for 'that' phone call. Then finding a house, endless emails to sift through each day. 

We started the search by houses having to pass me. If I could see any potential they were shown the other half. Over the time it was rare that he could see a house the same way I did to even view. At times I even considered viewing without him. 

One kept popping up periodically. But every time I showed him it was a no. Semi detached was seen as a step down in his eyes. On the fifth time I changed angle, and skipped the first photo and showed him the rest. He liked it. 

We looked round and after a little research bought it. We had already accepted an offer and moved our stuff into storage to not have a chain and it paid off. From new modern house to character cottage in one move.


I hope to share our transformation of the house with you.

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