Friday, June 1, 2012

Olympic steward

Sometimes work and something you enjoy doing come hand in hand. A few weeks ago work were asking for council employees to volenteer to steward the London Olympic 2012 torch relay in Shropshire.

The excitment has built both in myself, but also in Shropshire, as the Olympic torch got closer and closer. We had the pleasure of the torch in the county twice. Once on 24th May in Ludlow was the location of the unoccupied large Stanton Manor, a possession of Walter de Lacy , at the time of the domesday book (1086). His son build a castle there not long after, which can still be seen today. .

On the second day 30th May it went through a number of towns. This was my day to shine. After briefings, and training all we could dowas carry out our roles. So bright and early I set out to ensure I could park, and only just did. The town was quiet and still, like it was waiting for the eye of a storm. A hive of police, refuge collectors, road sweepers and notmany members of the public.

I made my way around town taking photos of shop displays and decorations. I have done a blog on a town in waiting. Then it was time. The town had a gentle trickle of people milling about, gradually adding to the swell of people. News crews from all over the world; CNN, CBS, BBC, Newsround, ITV to name the ones I knew.

All interested in the place where the modern olympics began. Many books have been written about the history, and of cause we have a olympic mascot named after them town.

So with baking sun and my equipment my team leader took us to our pitch. We had one of the biggest one busiest points. With five school parties, plus their coaches, members of the public, and a road junction that closed opened and opened again. My thoughts were "bring it on".

It was truly a magical moment to be part of.

And I am proud to have been part of it all. 

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