Sunday, February 19, 2012

From a toddler to a boy

In any parent's life there comes a time when you have to admit that your children are growing up. For me this happened this week in changing my youngest child's bedroom from animals, which I had decorated with before he was born, to cars (his choice).

 The animal theme continuing long past the cot, as we had bought the matching bedding set for his bed. So it was time for a clean fresh but fun look. But where to start and what to do?

After a successful trip to Ikea in the new year, my ideas started coming together. I bought bedding. Then spent weeks finding new curtains, light shade, and cushions. But something was missing.

We needed colour! As most rooms in the house are calm neutral colours this was a big thing. I checked the tester pots already collected from other projects and found the ideal colour. Being a small room I was only going to use it on one wall, to keep a light an spacious feel.

A trip to Homebase provided a toybox, and the look was coming together. I allowed time in half term to move my son (bed and all) into his brothers room. Not to come back in till the look was finished.

So I get to work, with my helper wanting to take part in the surprise makeover for his brother. OR maybe it was to help get him back in his own room.

Thankfully we chose a quick drying low odour paint. Dulux Melon Sorbet.
 And my usual safe Magnolia on the rest of the walls.
 New Ikea coloured photo frames.
Putting the bed back in place. We call it the baby bear bed as it is expandable and has only just been extended once.

The green curtains up and the wardrobe moved to the end of the bed.
 New green wired light shade.
A soft glow to this funky Ikea light.

The room coming together, car road rug in place, toybox made, fabric toy boxes in place, and a space for his garage.

 Bedding on, and cushions placed and a car rug. Only his large white frame to put on the green feature wall.
 Two magnetic boards for his own pictures and certificates, more photo frames, and the all important fairy lights to show off his pictures.
 Even teddy in place for the opening of the room. At the end of a long day, a day ahead of planning for him to be back in his room all is ready. So the make over was unveiled just in time for a tired boy to rest his weary head.
Overwhelmed by the whole effect "cool, mommy" and "thank you for my room" were the only things he could say, although the beaming smile on his face spoke a thousand words.

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  1. Wow, what a transformation - I like the new colourful look & by the look of things, so does the little lad. Moving the furniture around has worked well ... well done!