Sunday, November 1, 2015

Up cycling idea

For some they dream about ideas, others do their dreams, and some just blog the possibilities of ideas. This idea to date must be by most adventurous yet...
Here is the photos that inspired the process to begin.


So it's simple. Make a headboard that looks like a fireplace... However that was before I fell in love with a REAL fireplace.

Bought online for £15. But had to be taken apart to get home.

So how to rebuild it as many small pieces had come off this Victorian beauty?

The answer lay in building storage as inspired by the photo below. This would solve two problems; not needing bedside tables and could fix all pieces together.

So off we set building a gram of storage and shelves. 


We found a piece of old wood left by previous owners to bridge the gap between the pillars.

Our biggest problem now was to sort out the mantel. I love the routing on the original period mantel, but this was never designed to fit a king size bed.
So knowing how much I liked the detail, the other half took it and had a replica made the size we needed.

So now for decoration. I added mouldings and doors on the sides, and turned to colour for inspiration. I found this picture, which my dear friend and I took to our local chalk paint stockist for advice.

She recommended Old white, French linen and Provence  as the colours we needed. so after a base white emulsion coat we set to work using chalk paint. A dear friend helped as I had no experience in using this type of paint.

After dry brushing, scratching, wiping, and waxing we were happy with the results looking aged with layers of paint.
So now to the padding area. The other half needed it to be washable as he is challenged in the hair department. I changed from a padded button headboard to a cushion headboard. This meant making for the first time envelope cushion covers for the 71cm cushions I had bought.

Now for attaching them to the headboard I chose cup hooks to make for easy washing or changing of the covers.

The end result.

So did I dream of ideas or did I do the ideas? I feel I did both to create a unique one off piece of furniture which is  space saving, storage and creative in using a vintage crafted fireplace to add character to our cottage. Tell me what you think of the final effect?

Thank you for stopping by, and taking the time to see how the rural adventure is going ...............



  1. It looks absolutely fabulous - the fireplace surround with its lovely detail was a perfect starting point & the moulding finishes it off nicely. Te colour is just fabulous … did I mention I love the fabric! Well done xx

    1. Thank you, you expert experience with painting using chalk paint was most welcome.