Saturday, October 13, 2012

New adventures

There are times in your life where you travel a path that you may not have considered before. A job, getting married, moving house, or something else. It might be to challenge yourself and have a new adventure.

For me it was for several reasons, I had an urge for more, something new. Work at the time was very monotonous; same place, same time, same challenges day in day out. So I decided to face my achilles heal, a ghost from my past that needed putting to rest.

When a teenager you are at your most influenced stage of life. I had already secured a job before leaving school. But the head of my year who spent time with each and every person before venturing into the world, carved a fear into my mind. "Remember you are not academic and will never do more that GCSE's (16 yr old exams at the time in England).You are not capable. Maybe a job in caring, nursing, hairdressing or children is about your level."

So after carrying this with me for years even being in further education, not once had I considered higher education till now. Funding was there to up skill professional, specifically at the level I was now working at (Deputy Manager). A feeling of being trapped and not being able to look for a similar job descended. It was now or never.

So I applied and got a place to study Early Years Services . At the same time I was looking for another job, as a plan B in case uni didn't happen. So with my children aged 2 and 6, I started in 2009. Not only studying but a new job in a new field of work. All within a week of each other.

I can't say it has been easy juggling, home, work, children and a new job. There have been challenges with baby sitting, reaching the level of study after so long, and keeping motivated. But this year I have finally broken my weakness and completed the course, and worn my cap and gown.



  1. I am very proud of you my friend - you proved that you are worthy to wear that cap & gown & are equal to any task you set your mind to.

    Never say never xx

    1. Only with a rock to support me, that never questioned my abilities. That is you.

  2. I love this blog - I so wish I had been there to see you wear your cap and gown! I am very proud of my big sis xxx

    1. Glad your are enjoying it. Some blogs are focused on photos and others from the heart.