Saturday, January 28, 2012


How many of us spend week after week after week and wonder where time has gone? Well today has been a day of no chores, housework and annoying jobs. Today has been a day to start a another hobby. Which is having a location photoshoot with friends and my eldest son, then thawing out after the early icy start today.

Then more time together at a swimming gala, doing the "shouting encouragement" parent. It paid off as well as he was more confident even if still nervous. Plus he has taken 5 seconds of at least one of his times! Not a shred of guilt when we returned home to my other son and hubby. Nor when looking around the house to see it not as tidy or clean as most Saturdays.

This week has put a focus back onto the family. I have the opportunity from last Monday as small as it may sound, but to pick up my boys from school everyday. So we can establish homework time, and then fun time every night. We have painted canvas's, seen elderely relatives, been on the wii, and had a pyjama party.


  1. Lovely Ellie - family time is so important and nothing makes me more content either.

  2. Lovely Ellie - family is the most important part of my life too ... everything stops for my close family; they are always my first priority & I am so pleased that we can have time together.

    We loved our arranged photoshoot today too - a chance to share expertise & experiences ....

    I am enjoying your blog, I will be coming back often to catch up too my friend ♥ ....

    BTW - even if I am catching up on your blog, there is nothing nicer than tea & a chat when we can both make it ♥