Wednesday, January 25, 2012

End of a chapter

It it's hard to explain the emotional journey that has been endured to achieve a goal that I have had for many years.
The unknown territory of higher education after so many years. The excitement of something new. The nervous self evaluation of being up to the job.
Then it begins and the pure enormity of the task hits you like a car crash. But it is not just that. As a mature student you still have a family, house and job to cope with and in my case babysitters to find. The added pressure of changing job to add to the mix.
Many times I lost sight of the end but with the unmissable support and guidance from one very dear friend who no matter how difficult it became, could always find the light at the end.
To you I can only use two simple words "Thank you", two words that shower many thousands of words in a sea of gratitude.
And now the relief, joy and happiness that bathes me in knowing the ending light has found me at my journeys end. Knowing how I have proved to the world I can do anything. And to myself how wrong teachers can be about you.

So here is my celebration. A cocktail for my hard work.


  1. We are all extremely proud of how you took to the task & proved yourself equal to the task. Being a mature student means that you have many balls to juggle, but juggle you did & have emerged victorious.

    There can be no great er satisfaction than proving to the teachers that they were wrong, & proving to yourself that you have a hidden strength you can draw on when you need.

    I am proud to call you my friend & to wish you well on completing this challenge!


  2. Well done Ellie for all the hard work. We can achieve anything if we just believe.
    Not sure about the blue cocktail. Perhaps some champagne would have been nicer.